Detox Foot Patches Products

Bamboo Foot Patch

Bamboo sap has the power to absorb toxins and waste materials from the body while promoting healthy blood circulation. Amazingly, it emits large quantities of infrared rays and negative ions. This helps the body overcome fatigue, hangovers and provide balance & peace of mind.

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Lavender Foot Patch

Lavender has unbelievable healing qualities and promotes balance within the mind and body. It has been known to relive fatigue and insomnia while lowering blood pressure. It also smells amazing! In fact, taking a whiff of lavender can instantly calm the nerves and lift the spirit.

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Rose Oil Foot Patch

Referred to as the Queen of oils, Rose Oil is commonly used in aroma therapy to clear the mind and promote confidence. It also relieves dry, chapped and aged skin while serving as an excellent agent for removing troublesome odors.

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Bio-Patches are ONLY for external use. Avoid open wounds, cuts, grazes, or blisters and any damaged skin. Should the patch and ingredients become exposed avoid consumption and wash your hands. Patches should not be used by individuals with a medical condition, pregnant women or if breast-feeding, have high blood pressure, any sensitive skin allergies, or allergic to mushrooms and/or seafood. Consult your medical practitioner if in doubt

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