"I can’t tell you how much better I’ve felt since I began using bio-patches! Never did I realize how harmful toxins are to the body. My energy levels are so much higher, and I sleep much better!!"

 --Jen E

"I was smoker for 10 years and was told about Bio-Patches by a friend. The first time I gave them a try, I was amazed at what I saw come out of my body. It was bad enough to inspire me to try to stop smoking. Today, I am no longer a smoker and still use Bio-Patches to detox on a regular basis. My life has completely changed!!"

--Steve P

"Bio-Patches have helped me take my fitness level to new levels. As a marathon runner, I’ve looked high and low for ways to release the toxins that build up prior to my races. I truly think it has made a huge difference in my energy levels."

--Mike L

"I can’t recommend Bio-Patches enough! Throughout my lifetime I have battled insomnia off and on. It hasn’t been but a week, and I’ve seen a major difference!!"

--Janet C

"My body is aching much less since I’ve begun using Bio-Patches. I suffer from arthritis and realize that by releasing toxins, I feel much better."

--Dina G

"I love all of the natural ingredients within Bio-Patches!."

--Kelly T


Bio-Patches are ONLY for external use. Avoid open wounds, cuts, grazes, or blisters and any damaged skin. Should the patch and ingredients become exposed avoid consumption and wash your hands. Patches should not be used by individuals with a medical condition, pregnant women or if breast-feeding, have high blood pressure, any sensitive skin allergies, or allergic to mushrooms and/or seafood. Consult your medical practitioner if in doubt.

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